Updated Cheese List


Yorkshire Blue. £2.15 per 100g.Cow.Pasteurised. Vegetarian.

Handmade by the cheese makers at Shepherds Purse this cheese is mild, soft and creamy.

Ribblesdale Goat. £3.20 per 100g. Goat. Pasteurised. Vegetarian

A brittle texture, with a distinctive salty taste.

Coverdale Smoked. £1.58 per 100g. Cow. Pasteurised. Vegetarian

Naturally smoked at Hawes Dairy, smoother and sharper than Wensleydale.

Richard III Wensleydale. £2.35 per 100g. Cow. Pasteurised. Vegetarian.

Traditional clothbound cheese has a crumbly texture with a buttery, yoghurt tang.

Hawes Wensleydale. £1.60 per 100g.  Cow. Pasteurised. Vegetarian.

Made at the famous Hawes creamery, this mild and crumbly cheese is always a popular. 

Hawes Wensleydale & Cranberry. £1.60 per 100g. Cow. Pasteurised.

This light and delicate Wensleydale has the added luxury of juicy cranberries.


Delice de Bourogne  France. £2.35 per 100g. Cow. Pasteurised.

A triple cream cheese, with a decadent flavour and texture.

Gjetost. Norway. £5.85 each. Cow/ Goat. Pasteurised.Made from whey, goats milk and cows’ cream. A fudge like consistency and caramel taste.

Rosary goat. £2.15 per 100g. Goat. Pasteurised. Vegetarian.

This meltingly soft fresh cheese with a mousse like texture is made in Wiltshire. For a special twist try with raspberries or serve with a beetroot salad for a light lunch.

Chevre Log. £1.45 per 100g. France. Goat. Pasteurised. Vegetarian.

A classic French goats cheese that is creamy, tasty and ideal for grilling.

Raclette. France. £1.50 per 100g. Cow. Pasteurised. Vegetarian.

A pressed cheese with a very soft texture. Melt to release fruity aroma and aromatic flavour


Appleby’s Cheshire.  £2.30 per 100g.Cow, Unpasteurised. Vegetarian.

The Appleby dairy in Shropshire makes this cheese using milk from their herd. The flaky moist texture has a pleasing and lingering flavour.

Mrs Kirkhams Lancashire. £1.90 per 100g. Cow. Unpasteurised.

Made using unpasteurised milk from the curd of three days milking, the result is a cloth bound butter finished cheese which is smooth, tasty and creamy.

Dewlay Lancashire. £1.25 per 100g.Cow. Pasteurised. Vegetarian.

Made in Garstang, Lancashire, this award winning cheese is both light in flavour with a delicate crumbly texture

Farmhouse Double Gloucester. £1.05 per 100g. Cow. Pasteurised. Vegetarian.

This iconic clothbound cheese has a mellow flavour and a smooth finish.

Derbyshire Peakland White. £1.85 per 100g. Cow. Pasteurised. Vegetarian.

Made at the Hartington creamery this rich crumbly cheese has a surprising creamy finish.

Gorwydd Caerphilly.  £2.35 per 100g. Cow. Unpasteurised. Gold British Cheese Awards 2017

The firm, open texture centre is slightly acidic with citrus notes. The velvet grey rind adds earthy, mushroom notes

Fowlers Sage Derby. £1.90 per 100g. Cow. Pasteurised. Vegetarian.

Making cheese since 1670. Classic Derby layered with sage. A soft texture, and slightly higher acidity than other territorials.

Cornish Yarg. £2.35 per 100g. Pasteurised. Vegetarian.

A young cheese with a fresh citrus flavour, hand wrapped with foraged nettle leaves.

Rutland Red. £1.85 per 100g, Cow, Pasteurised. Vegetarian.

Made at the Long Clawson Dairy, this cloth bound cheese made using traditional methods for over 100 years is matured for 6 months to produce a flaky texture and caramelised flavour.


Northumberland Smoked.  £2.40 per 100g. Cow. Pasteurised.  Vegetarian.

A staff favourite at the Cheese shop. A creamy full flavoured cheese, in the style of Gouda.

Old Winchester. £2.55 per 100g. Cow. Pasteurised. Vegetarian.

Often recommended as a British and vegetarian alternative to Parmigiano Reggiano. Hard pressed. Aged for 18 months. Brittle texture, with a fruity nutty flavour, caramel finish.

Bowland. £1.60 per 100g. Cow. Pasteurised. Vegetarian.

Mature Lancashire flavoured with apples and raisins, covered with cinnamon


Manchego. Spain. £2.40 per 100g. Ewe. Unpasteurised.

Made in the vast dry region of La Mancha, this sheep milk cheese has a drier texture with a sweet and nutty nature.

Sheep Rustler. £3.80 per 100g. Ewe. Unpasteurised. Vegetarian. Supreme Champion British Cheese Awards 2018

Semi-hard cheese. Matured for 3 months, it has a clean nutty flavour, in the style of Pecorino

Rachel. £3.20 per 100g. Goat. Unpasteurised. Vegetarian. Gold British Cheese Awards 2017.

A lightly brine washed cheese, with a firm rind. The sweet nutty cheese is clean and very moreish. Full flavoured but not too goat-y.


Comte Prestige, 18 months. France. £2.40 per 100g.Cow.Unpasteurised.

A mighty cheese from the Jura mountains. Milk from Montebeliarde cows .Firm, with fruity, nutty flavours.

Old Amsterdam. Holland. £2.02 per 100g.Cow. Pasteurised.

An extra mature Gouda, firm texture, piquant flavour. Rich, salty and lingering sweetness.

Jarlsberg. Norway £1.65 per 100g. Cow. Pasteurised.

 In the style of Emmental, with a smooth and slightly sweet taste.

Gruyere Kaltbach, cave matured AOP. Switzerland. £3.20 per 100g.Cow. Unpasteurised.

 A creamy fruity cheese, Switzerland’s most famous.

Gouda. Holland. £1.25 per 100g. Cow. Pasteurised. A semi- hard cheese.

Parmiggiano Reggiano, 24 month. Italy. £3.10 per 100g.Cow. Unpasteurised.

An aged cheese with an intricate flavour of pineapple and savoury notes.


Isle of Mull Traditional Farmhouse.  £2.15 per 100g .Cow. Unpasteurised.

Matured for 15 months, this strong clothbound Cheese has a salty and savoury flavour with an earthy edge.

Wookey Hole Cave Aged. £1.75 per 100g.Cow. Pasteurised. Vegetarian.

Aged in natural caves in Somerset. Rich, tangy with distinctive earthy and nutty flavours.

Snowdonia Black Bomber. £1.90 per 100g.Cow. Pasteurised. Vegetarian

This Welsh mature cheddar has a strong melt in the mouth flavour and a smooth crystallised texture

Quickes Mature, 12 month. £1.90 per 100g.Cow. Pasteurised.

An outstanding depth of flavour. A complex savoury cheese, that has a trues heritage cheddar flavour.

Lockerbie Scottish Mature. £0.99 per 100g.Cow.Pasteurised. Vegetarian.

This medium mature cheddar is always a popular choice. Ideal for cooking, melting and everyday use.

Lincolnshire Poacher. £1.90 per 100g. Cow. Unpasteurised. Gold British Awards 2018.

This is an intriguing mixture between a farmhouse cheddar and a Swiss Alpine cheese. Under the natural rind, the smooth yellow paste has a sweet and nutty flavour.


Epoisses. France. £3.50 per 100g. Cow. Unpasteurised.

Invented by monks in 16th Century. Washed in ‘marc’ brandy. Cheese is soft with a powerful bouquet and meaty spicy flavour. Phoebe’s favourite!

Reblochon. France. £1.70 per 100g. Cow. Unpasteurised.

Made in the mountains of Haute- Savoie. Pretty pink rind, hazelnut flavour, smooth texture.

From the Jura mountains, originally layered with ash, the cheese has a sweet and supple paste.

Morbier.AOP. France. £1.80 per 100g .Cow. Unpasteurised.